May 25     Ryan Driver Sextet   The Tranzac Club  10pm

May 27     Eucalyptus   Hirut Ethiopian Restaurant   7pm

June 10    Titanium Riot w. Brodie West   The Tranzac Club   10PM

June 16    Eucalyptus   Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival @ Cassa Del Popolo, Montreal

June 17    Eucalyptus   Something Else Music Festival, Hamilton

June 21    Ways   Tone Music Festival @ Array Music Space w. Charles Gayle

July 1-11  Ways   Copenhagen Residency w. Simon Toldam

Sept 21    Brodie West Quintet   The Music Gallery


Eucalyptus   VII  Annual Residency      at Hirut Ethiopian Restaurant 

 poster by Jesjit Gill

poster by Jesjit Gill


Eucalyptus' Pink Flamingo Room - now available from Lorna Records

10" vinyl, limited edition of 110