The Brodie West Quintet Record Release for "Clips" Sept 21 @ The Music Gallery

"Clips" by The Brodie West Quintet  LORNA 011 CD/LP/DIGITAL

Brodie West Quintet - Clips (cover by Sandy Plotnikoff).jpg


Brodie West Quintet Tour dates October 2018

4/10/18  8East, Vancouver with Lisa Cay Miller’s Sleep Furiously
5/10/18  Hermann's Jazz Club, Victoria BC
6/10/18  The White Room/Black Dot Records, Nanaimo BC
7/10/18  Studio Live, Cumberland BC
11/10/18  TBA, Naramatta BC
12/10/18  TBA, Kelowna BC
13/10/18  The Yardbird Suite, Edmonton AB


Eucalyptus' 7th Annual Month of Sundays at Hirut Ethiopian Restaurant 

 poster by Jesjit Gill

poster by Jesjit Gill



Eucalyptus' Pink Flamingo Room now available from Lorna Records

10" vinyl, limited edition of 110