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Pink Flamingo Room

Released December 25, 2016
Composed by Brodie West SOCAN 2016
Recorded by Jeff McMurrich
Mastered by Fedge
Artwork by Andrew Zukerman

Eucalyptus is
Brodie West Alto Saxophone, Clarinet
Nicole Rampersaud Trumpet
Alex Lukashevsky Guitar
Ryan Driver Piano
Blake Howard Conga, Bass Drum, Percussion
Michael Smith Bass
Nick Fraser Drums
Evan Cartwright Drums

Recorded at 6 Nassau, Kensington Market March 17 and 21, 2015

Thanks to Deirdre O'Sullivan, Sandy Plotnikoff, Seth Scriver, Andrew Zukerman, Hirut Cafe, Chrissy Reichert, HAVN Records, Healing Power Records, Jennifer Castle, Becky and Dallas at Strangebarn, Heather Lee and Willie West.

10" vinyl, limited to 100 copies will be available from Lorna Records in April of 2017




Released April 5, 2016

HAVN Records 028

Nicole Rampersaud - trumpet
Nick Fraser - drums
Evan Cartwright - percussion
Blake Howard - congas, bass drum, percussion
Alex Lukashevsky - guitar
Ryan Driver - piano
Michael Smith - bass
Brodie West - alto saxophone

Engineered and Mixed by Aaron Hutchinson
Recorded at Threshold Recording Studio on January 24, 2016
Mastered by Fedge

Artwork by Connor Bennett

Eucalyptus wishes to thank Aaron Hutchinson, Deirdre O’Sullivan (Pleasence Records), Victoria Cheong and Wolfgang Nessel (Healing Power Records) and Willie West for coming up with the title and main riff to Stop & Go. 

All compositions B. West © SOCAN 2016



Fascination In Sound

LORNA 06 / HPR #24

Eucalyptus is: 
Brodie West - alto saxophone & compositions
Nicole Rampersaud - trumpet
Ryan Driver - piano
Alex Lukashevsky - guitar
Nick Fraser - drums
Mike Smith - bass
Blake Howard - percussion
Matt Smith on toy piano on 'Windmill Will' 

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Matt Smith @ 
6 Nassau, Kensington Market, Toronto

Logo Design: Seth Scriver
Folied by: Sandy Plotnikoff

Thanks to Sandy Plotnikoff, Seth Scriver, Matt Smith, Heather Lee, Victoria Cheong, Wolfgang Nessel
These songs are dedicated to Willie West, born Feb 16, 2013
All songs SOCAN 2013 Brodie West




Originally issued by Blocks Recording Club
Released February 5, 2012

Recorded May 2011 at St. Andrews by the Lake Church on Toronto Island Recorded and Mastered by Fedge
Artwork by Seth Scriver
Foil Stamped by Sandy Plotnikoff

All compositions registered SOCAN composed by B. West

Brodie West alto saxophone
Nicole Rampersaud trumpet
Alex Lukashevsky guitar
Ryan Driver piano
Michael Smith bass
Nick Fraser drums
Blake Howard percussion