(as a band leader)

Kick It Till You Flip It  Eucalyptus

Kick It Till You Flip It

Pink Flamingo Room   Eucalyptus

Pink Flamingo Room

The Law Of The Meander  Brodie West

The Law Of The Meander
Brodie West

Clips  Brodie West Quintet

Brodie West Quintet

Fascination in sound  Eucalyptus

Fascination in sound

Alexandra Park  Brodie West

Alexandra Park
Brodie West

Stop & GO  Eucalyptus

Stop & GO

Eeeeeuuucaaaaaaallyyypppptus  Eucalyptus




other recordings :

The Brodie West Quintet - Clips (CD/LP/DG) Lorna Records LO11/2018
The Brodie West Quintet - 17Ep (Digital) Lorna Records LO09/2017
Eucalyptus - Pink Flamingo Room Lorna Records LO08/2017
Reg Schwager - Songbook (CD) RANT, 2017
Eucalyptus – Stop & Go (Cassette) HAVN Records, 2016
Brodie West - Alexandra Park (CD/LP) Pleasence Records, 2016
Tasseomancy – Do Easy (12”vinyl CD) Hand Drawn Dracula, 2016
Eucalyptus – Brodie West - Sounds of Horror compilation (Cassette) Pleasence, 2015
Snowblink - Returning Current (CD/LP) Arts & Crafts, 2015
Jennifer Castle – Pink City (12”LP/CD) Idie Fixe, 2014
The Ryan Driver Quintet - Plays the Music of Steven Parkinson (CD/LP) Barnyard, 2014
Eucalyptus - Fascination In Sound (EP 10” album) Healing Power Records, 2013
Drumheller - The Sometimes Machine (CD) Barnyard Records, 2013
Brodie West - The Law of the Meander (Cassette) Healing Power Records, 2013
Prince Nifty - Pity Slash Love (CD) Blocks Recording Club, 2013
The Ex + Getatchew Mekuria and Friends - Y'Anbessaw Tezeta (CD/LPx2) TERP, 2013
Tenderness - The Axe is Ready (Cassette/CD), 2012
Lina Allemano 4 - Live at The Tranzac  (CD) LUMO Records, 2012
Clutton / Michelli / West - Compound Eyes (CD/LP) , 2012
The Chris Banks Trio - Softly as in a Morning Sunrise (CD) Independent, 2011
Eucalyptus - Eeeeeuuucaaaaaaallyyypppptus (Blocks Recording Club 071, 2010
Han Bennink / Brodie West / Terrie Ex - Let's go! (LP) Terp IS-16, 2010
Lina Allemano 4 - Jargon (CD) Lumo, 2009
Drumheller – Glint (CD) Rat-drifting, 2009
Apostle of Hustle - Eats Darkness (CD/LP) Arts & Crafts AC043, 2008
71ET w. Andrew Downing and Justin Haynes (CD), 2007
The Lina Allemano 4 - Pink Eye Lumo (CD) Lumo Records, 2006
Drumheller - Wives (CD) Rat-drifting RD-12, 2006
The Lina Allemano 4 - GridJam(CD)  Lumo Records, 2006
Goo! w. Simon Toldam, Graig Earle, and Kevin Brow – S/T (CD), 2006
The Ex + Getatchew Mekurya and Guests - 11 Ethio-Punk Songs (DVD) Ethiosonic, 2006
Seth Scriver - The Hose Heads Get Unhosed (DVD), 2006
Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed Trio - Hulgizy (CD) Terp AS-14, 2006
The Ex & Getatchew Mekuria plus Guests - Moa Anbessa (CD/LP) Terp Records, 2005
Brodie West - Solo Alto Saxophone (CD) Lorna Records LO05/2005
Alex Lukashevsky – Connexions(CD), 2005
Drumheller - Drumheller (CD) Rat-drifting, 2005
Deep Dark United - Look At/Look Out (CD) Rat-drifting RD-14, 2004
Karl Jannuska - Liberating Vines (CD) Effendi Records, 2004
Deep Dark United - Ancient (CD) Blocks 014, 2004
Gord Downie - Battle of the Nudes (CD) Wienerart, 2003
Polmo Polpo - Like Hearts Swelling (CD/LP) Constellation, 2003
Deep Dark United - Fools! EP (CD) Kosher Rock, 2002
Zebradonk - Zebradonkey (CD) Lorna Records LO04/2002
Brodie West + Han Bennink - Brodie + Han (CD) Lorna Records LO03/2003
Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It in People (CD/LP) Arts & Crafts, 2002
The Dinner Is Ruined - Ray Charles Kinda’ Party (CD) Sonic Unyon, 2000
Zebradonk - *ZD Lorna Records LO02/2000
Zebradonk – S/T Lorna Records LO01/1999
The Woodchoppers Association - Life is not a rehearsal (CD) Sonic Unyon, 1999